Since 01st Aug 12:

Employee at User Interface GmbH Ludwigsburg

01st Feb - 26th Jul 12: Project work at Excelsis Informationssysteme GmbH Stuttgart

01st Nov - 31st Jan 12:

Project work at Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart

18th Jul - 31st Oct 11: Project work at the office of PanikRuhdorfer Designpartner in Schwaikheim
20th Nov 09 - 31st Oct 11: Commendations for the Bachelor project "WaterDonut&UltraPipe": Nominated for the German Design Award 2012 - junior award, distinction at the innovation prize Ostwürttemberg 2011, Bavarian State Award 2010, reddot award: design concept 2010, one of the international finalists in the James Dyson Award 2010, special recognition at the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award 2010 et al.
18th - 22nd Jan 10: International trend research at designaffairs in Munich
3rd Dec 09 and 16th Oct 09: Brand workshop in the innovation factory of Daimler AG in Sindelfingen
Oct 09 - Jul 11: Research Assistant at Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart

30th Sep - 02nd Oct 09:

Role of a moderator in the "Stegreif" project "living kitchen" at the HS Pforzheim with designaffairs